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Forest School Activities Online Training

Our foundational online training is designed for teachers and teaching assistants who would like to run Forest School activities with their groups. 

It is also perfect for Forest School practitioners and other youth leaders who want lifetime access to inspiring activities with step by step instructions.
The course has 8 modules with 87 video lessons and 15 downloadable resources, including Risk and Benefits Assessments for each module.
It's full of tried and tested activities and games that make learning through nature fun, with activities for early years, primary and secondary children.

The Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning

Unlike our Forest School Activities Online Training, which centres mainly on ‘how to’s’ with a little bit of the ‘why’... In the Advanced Certificate, we take a deep dive into the models, methods, worldviews and values that underpin teaching and working in nature.

Develop the core knowledge and nature connection skills you need to take groups in your care outdoors safely, competently and confidently.
Whether you’re new or a seasoned practitioner, it will save you countless hours, and let you execute on your ideas with greater confidence and speed.

This course opens for enrolment twice a year

Single Modules from Our Forest School Activities Online Training

You can buy individual modules from our Forest School Activities Online Training for £47 +vat.
Or save £100 and get all 8 modules for £297 +vat

fire module
Module 1:
Fire & Pedagogy

Build your confidence and learn to safely light fires with your group using a range of methods. Learn to prepare and set up your fire site in a safe way and see how the children can get involved.

Ropes and Knots Online Course
Module 2: Ropes & Knots

Learn to feel confident with ropes and knots and to teach them to your groups. Find out how to safely put up swings and hammocks and how to make a rope bridge and ladder.

Cooking on a Fire Online Courses
Module 3:
Cooking on a Fire

Learn to cook safely on a fire with your group. This module has printable recipes and will teach you how to cook kebabs, pan pizzas, popcorn, toffee apples, flapjacks cooked in leaves and much more.

Shelter and Play Online Courses
Module 4:
Shelters & Play

Learn how to safely erect temporary group shelters using tarpaulins and to work with the children as they build shelters from natural woodland materials and create diverse opportunities for play.

Natural Crafts and Play Online Courses
Module 5:
Natural Crafts & Play

Get creative with natural materials! Lessons include step by step video lessons on a range of activities including clay fairies, teasel hedgehogs, bird feeders, leaf bashing and natural paints.

Using Tools Online Courses
Module 6:
Using Tools

Gain confidence in using basic tools with different age groups taking your group's crafting to another level. Lessons include working safely with knives, saws, palm drills and tent pegs to construct a range of items.

Wild Plants and Foraging Online Courses
Module 7:
Wild Food & Foraging

Discover the wonder of fruits, plants and trees and get to know them in a safe and respectful way. You will learn to make creams, syrups, teas and pancakes using nettles, hedgerow berries, cleavers and plantain.

Nature Awareness Games Online Courses
Module 8:
Nature Awareness Games

Learn how to deliver games with clear instructional videos that are a fun way of learning through nature. Lessons include examples of games that can be played with early years, primary and secondary children.

Other Forest School Activities and Outdoor Learning Online Courses

Natural Crafts Volume 2 Online Courses
Natural Crafts Volume 2

Explore more craft activities using natural materials. Make your own charcoal, alder seed bees, necklaces from rowan berries, nettle cordage and lots more!.

Natural Crafts Bundle Online Courses
Natural Crafts Bundle

Get both of our Natural Craft Modules for only £57.
28 inspiring step by step video lessons full of creative activities using natural materials

Forest School Routines and Boundaries Online Courses
Forest School Routines & Boundaries

A short online course that looks at why routines and boundaries are important and how to implement them.

boy climbing a tree
A Masterclass in Writing Risk Benefit Assessments

Does the thought of using sharp tools around young children give you anxiety? This masterclass focuses on the 'how to' of risk benefit assessments.

Marina Robb webinar
Why Risky Activities are So Valuable for Children

This 44 slide presentation is aimed at people working work with children between the ages of 5 and 16, who want to understand the value of incorporating riskier activities into their sessions.

Family Outdoor Activities Online Course

Family Outdoor Activities Module 1: Making a Fire Online Course
Module 1
Making a Fire

Show your children how to gather firewood and safely set up your fire site, teaching them how to light the fire with cotton wool and a fire steel. You will learn how to safely extinguish your fire and to leave no trace.

Family Outdoor Activities Module 2: Campfire Cooking Online Course
Module 2
Campfire Cooking

Cooking on a fire is a great activity for the whole family. Whether you are in your garden or at a campsite, learn how to safely cook our favourite family campfire recipes as well as fun snacks like popcorn in a sieve over the flames.

Module 3
Tool Skills

Teach your children to use knives and tools safely for crafting activities, and build trust and independence. Discover which are the best woods to use and make your own charcoal pencil from an elder branch.

toddler with ball of wool
Module 4
Crafting with Nature

Spend time outdoors, crafting as a family with natural materials. Be environmentally aware, learn together and have fun all at the same time! A one-stop online course for crafting with natural materials.

Family Outdoor Activities Online Course
Family Outdoor Activities
All 4 Modules

Learn together as a family to make a fire with cotton wool and a fire steel and then cook our fun recipes on the campfire. Discover how to use knives and tools safely for a range of crafting activities and enjoy simple nature crafts using clay and other natural materials.