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Online training courses in Outdoor Learning & Forest School Activities

Our online training courses are designed for Teachers and Practitioners who want to take their groups outside of the classroom

Our Signature Courses

The Forest School Activities Online Training

Our foundational online training is designed for teachers and teaching assistants who would like to run Forest School activities with their groups. 

It is also perfect for Forest School practitioners and other youth leaders who want lifetime access to inspiring activities with step by step instructions.

The course has 8 modules with 87 video lessons and 15 downloadable resources, including Risk and Benefits Assessments for each module.

It's full of tried and tested activities and games that make learning through nature fun, with activities for early years, primary and secondary children.

In our Advanced Certificate, we take a deep dive into the models, methods, worldviews and values that underpin teaching and working in nature.

Unlike our Forest School Activities Online Training, which centres mainly on ‘how to’s’ with a little bit of the ‘why’... In the Advanced Certificate, we take a deep dive into the models, methods, worldviews and values that underpin teaching and working in nature.

Develop the core knowledge and nature connection skills you need to take groups in your care outdoors safely, competently and confidently. Whether you’re new or a seasoned practitioner, it will save you countless hours, and let you execute on your ideas with greater confidence and speed.

The Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Marina Robb

Meet Marina Robb

Marina Robb (Bsc; PGCE; MA; Msc; Author) is Founder and Managing Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery Community Interest Company and The Outdoor Teacher Ltd, both leading organisations that aim to transform education and health through nature.

Marina is co-author of ‘Learning with Nature’ (foreword by Chris Packham), a must-have book for Forest School & Outdoor practitioners, and ‘The Essential Guide to Forest School and Nature Pedagogy’ (foreword by David Sobel) which contains everything you need to know from theory to practice.

Marina has more than 30 years experience in outdoor learning and nature connection.

She provides a deep understanding of effective nature education at all levels and for a range of diverse backgrounds.

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All our online courses come with lifetime access

Outdoor Learning
Teachers, teaching assistants & nursery staff

Children learn, develop and thrive in different ways and in different environments. At The Outdoor Teacher, we believe in the power of the natural environment to help pupils to embrace learning with greater motivation, focus and happiness.

outdoor practitioners
Outdoors practitioners, Scout & Guide leaders

Nothing beats sharing your love of the great outdoors with the next generation. The Outdoor Teacher has created the ultimate set of practical tools, activities and guides for anyone who recognises the value of nature in shaping young minds.

health practitioners
Therapists, counsellors & special needs educators

Great children’s counsellors and therapists achieve amazing results for their patients. It’s an admirable balancing act; combining the need for a relaxed, approachable relationship, and the serious work of looking after someone’s mental health.

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The Wild Minds Podcast

The Wild Minds Podcast is brought to you by me, Marina Robb, an author, entrepreneur, Forest School and Nature-based Trainer and Consultant, and pioneer in developing Green programmes for the Health service in the UK.