A  Free Webinar With Marina Robb

'Teach Outside, Thrive Within'

How to Increase Levels of Well-being and Engagement Whilst Becoming Eco-literate. 
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I'll be giving you bite-sized, actionable steps that you can implement immediately, to combine outdoor learning with classroom education for children of all ages - AND incorporate the 2025 Climate Action Plan Mandate.

All registrants will also receive my '5 Minute Outdoor Maths Activities'

You’ll learn how to:

 ðŸŒ³ Apply theory to practice and maximise education outdoors

 ðŸŒ³ Meet the 2025 Climate Action Plan Mandate

 ðŸŒ³ Build your confidence to bring your expertise outdoors

 ðŸŒ³ Transform eco-anxiety into eco-friendship (and what that means!)

 ðŸŒ³ Move forward with practical, bite-sized steps

 ðŸŒ³ Familiarise yourself with my Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning