Let Me Help You Bring Your Outdoor Learning Ideas To Reality!

Discover an easier way to turn your passion for Outdoor Learning and Forest School into a credible plan of action

Wouldn't you like a simpler way to plan and deliver outdoor learning experiences that result in measurable outcomes? 
Learn how to:
  • Make learning fun, meaningful and relevant.
  • Improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
And, save time in the process!

Your Time Is Too Valuable To Waste

Slash Planning Time By 80%... AND Create Better Experiences!
Outdoor Learning activities let you teach, empower, and further the curriculum.

However, unless you understand how Outdoor Learning and nature-based practice fit into your job as a whole, chances are you’ll find them difficult to apply in a practical setting.

Deliver Great Outdoor Experiences

To deliver great outdoor experiences that further the curriculum or enhance your therapeutic practice you may have to overcome several challenges…

Even if you have outdoor activities in your toolkit, you may not think you have the time, bandwidth, or resources to turn your nature-based learning ideas into a reality.

  • Your urban setting is devoid of green space. 
  • You lack time... because, let's face it, in addition to teaching, your day job requires you to record WOW moments, SALT referrals, EAL and Seesaw updates.
  • You need to overcome practicalities, such as ensuring groups in your care arrive dressed for inclement British weather.
  • Beyond that, what if you have 20+ children in your care? You worry you lack staff.

It’s why I created…
The Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning

Unlike our Forest School Activities Online Training, which centres mainly on ‘how to’s’ with a little bit of the ‘why’... In the Advanced Certificate, we take a deep dive into the models, methods, worldviews and values that underpin teaching and working in nature.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned practitioner, it will save you countless hours, and let you execute on your ideas with greater confidence and speed.

See How Easy It Is To Get Off To A Fast Start…Why waste hours preparing, or go through years of trial and error, when everything you need is all laid out for you?

Lisa Rolfe

I love the easy to follow structure of the course and found that all the videos make learning and revising particularly easy to follow.

How is this course different from the Level 3 Qualification?

This online training resource does not give you a formal qualification in Forest School Leadership.

There is no requirement to have a Forest School Qualification to take children out of doors to learn and play. As a teacher or practitioner, you are legally obliged to have risk assessments in place and insurance relevant to practice offered.

The course aims to enable and equip people with the practical delivery of Forest School-based activities to a high competency, with all the correct health and safety and pedagogy weaved through the course.

It has been designed at the same standard and beyond as a Level 3, by Marina Robb, an endorsed Forest School Association Trainer with 30 years experience.

The Forest School approach builds on 6 core principles, and is part of a weekly child led provision, delivered by a qualified practitioner.

If you want to deliver an ongoing Forest School rather than Forest School based activities or Outdoor Learning, then we recommend you take a Level 3 'in-person' qualification with Marina Robb.

Testimonials for The Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning

It's given me a bit of 'oomph' as a practitioner

I work in a primary school running Forest School and outdoor learning sessions from reception all the way up to year six, and I'm really enjoying this course. I'm finding the masterclasses brilliant, really informative, providing information and embedding theories that you may have come across already in your training. I feel that it's given me a bit of 'oomph' as a practitioner, and making me connect with the sort of practitioner that I'd like to be. The activity suggestions are fantastic alongside the session plans that give ways of extending each activity with further ideas and links to the curriculum. It's brilliant!

Jenny FludeForest School Leader, Northamptonshire

It's absolutely jam packed with everything you need

I've been an avid fan of Marina Robb since I started this journey, and I have to say her work has never disappointed, so it was a no brainer for me to enrol on the Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning. It's absolutely jam packed with everything you need. There's lesson plans, activities, videos, explanations, and even goes into into depth about the wellbeing benefits for mental health, which I find absolutely amazing. So, yes, I would highly recommend this course. You don't need anything else, in fact, I'd say it's two courses in one.

Tina StubbsAuthor & Founder of Life's Little Bugs, Berkshire

The videos are very accessible and the information presentation is ideal

I work in a large Primary School as the outdoor learning lead, and I'm currently 80% of the way through the spring section of the Advanced Certificate, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The videos are very accessible, the information presentation is ideal. The combination of the need to hit targets for curriculum, whilst also looking at the forest school approach is perfect for me in my role, as we are an amalgamation between outdoor learning and Forest School. I thoroughly recommend the course and would advise anybody that gets the opportunity to go for it, and the lifetime access is brilliant.

Fiona Brunton-DaviesOutdoor Learning Lead, Winsford High Street Primary School

See for yourself the benefits of The Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning

8 video training modules with 12 hours of instructions and 120 seasonal training lessons


48 Session plan ideas for Early Years and Primary, with 12 session plan ideas per season

Risk Benefit Assessments for all activities, how-to guides, and additional downloadable resources

Unpublished resources from our book ‘The Essential Guide to Forest School and Nature Pedagogy’

Plus, when you purchase the Advanced Certificate, you will get instant access to the following Bonuses:









Rhys Larcombe

This course, along with Marina's books, have reignited my passion for teaching. The course also offered lots of practical ideas and activities that could actually be used in practice, and that's not always present in courses. Also, having the curriculum-linked examples and risk assessments has been super useful. Attending a Level 3 course in person and taking time off work would have been challenging.

Here's a summary of everything included in this course

As an Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning student, you get lifetime access to all of the content.  Download a complete list of the lessons using the button below:

120 Step By Step Instructional Videos

My videos walk you through the process of putting together outdoor activities, season by season. At the same time, they broaden your skills and understanding of outdoor learning and outdoor teaching. Better still, they aid knowledge retention, as you can watch them over and over.

16 Masterclasses

My pre-recorded in-depth masterclasses provide an immersive experience and allow you to discover how a robust nature pedagogy can support learning, behaviour and physical and emotional wellbeing, and most importantly, a deeper relationship with the natural world. Topics include ‘Writing Risk Assessments’, ‘Behaviour and Mental Health’ and ‘Working in Urban Environments’. (The 'view course contents' box above, shows the full list of topics)

Helpful Downloadable Resources

'How to' guides, safety guides, best practice guides and lots, lots more. Make sure you'll always have backup information at your fingertips.

Risk Benefit Assessments

Risk benefit assessments are included for every activity.

Ensure you keep groups in your care safe while giving them the opportunity to enjoy the physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of outdoor experiences.

48 Session Plan Idea Sheets

Help you develop your new skills, take control of your schedule and track your progress. Plans can be adapted for all ages and cover a range of topics including seasonal, generic and curriculum linked themes. This image shows what is included in one session plan.

Topics are listed below.

Session Plan Idea Sheet Topics

Session Plans are organised into seasonal activities and by age groups, although most are adaptable for different key stages:

  • Spring Bulbs & Plants
  • Eggs & Natural Cycles
  • Fire & Food
  • Magic Toy & Stanley Stick
  • Bees and Living things and their habitats
  • Plant-based Activities
  • Birds, butterflies and beetles
  • Animals
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Birds and Nests
  • Butterflies and Life Cycles
  • Dandelions
  • Journey of a Worm
  • Sensory Summer Treasures
  • Summer Leaves
  • Autumn Foraging
  • Plant Treasures
  • Autumn Magic
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Autumn Let's Celebrate
  • Mighty Trees
  • Autumn Animals
  • Celebrating Winter
  • Light and Dark
  • Trees
  • Weather & Climate
  • Wise Winter Owls
  • Winter Plants
  • Winter Weather
  • Wonderful Winter

PLUS, 6 sessions on the following topics: The Middle Ages, American Road Trip, Explorers & Adventurers & Survival

Optional Subtitles in Multiple Languages

All our courses now come with the option of viewing subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Ukrainian and Simplified Chinese.

Thanks to our new AI tool, if you require subtitles in any other language we can add these in for you for free!


The Advanced Certificate Course ALSO Shows You:

The secrets to working with any and all available resources (Not every site offers great diversity. Discover how to make the most of what you have while saving time and money!)

Simple yet highly effective ways to link activities to the curriculum (Bring your outdoor learning sessions to life, and improve learning outcomes for all students!)

How seasonal session ideas can help you solve real-life obstacles (Uncover key concepts behind nature connection techniques, and watch your confidence quickly grow!)

Key insights for how to develop your role as a practitioner (Create a safe space for the people in your care to discover their strengths and aptitudes)

How to communicate to key people the potential of learning outdoors (And get decision makers like parents or your head master on board with your plans)

Step-by-step instructional videos bringing practical activities to life (Watch as I show you how to put together the most relevant and impactful outdoor activities, season by season)

How to support learning, behaviour, and physical and mental wellbeing (With access to 16 video masterclasses, each delving deeper into the role of a robust nature pedagogy)

How to develop core nature connection routines (These help bring you and the student into a new relationship with the living world)

The fundamentals of Green Care and Nature-based Practice (Health is interlinked with access to green spaces. In this masterclass, we’ll uncover how to apply these principles in a practical setting)

How to write risk benefit assessments to a high standard of proficiency (This training guides you through the thinking process linked to various outdoor learning activities)

Practical solutions for learning in urban or wilder environments (How to make the most out of any outdoor space and not let perceived limitations stop you from implementing your vision)

How to use sense meditations to settle your group more quickly (Enhance the feeling of safety, and relax into the natural space)

That’s just a taste of what you can expect when you join the Advanced Certificate training

This comprehensive outdoor learning course builds the context, and makes the practical activities you've learnt far easier to apply in real-life settings. 

You'll have a framework to plan and deliver progressive and sustainable outdoor experiences.

You'll know precisely how Outdoor Learning and Nature Pedagogies complement other forms of education and therapeutic care.

And you’ll be able to easily embed them into the curriculum or your therapeutic practice.

Whom you learn from matters

I'm Marina Robb

I'm the Founder and Managing Director of Circle of Life Rediscovery Community Interest Company and The Outdoor Teacher Ltd, and a qualified teacher with over 30 years experience in outdoor learning and nature connection, and a leading Forest School endorsed trainer and practitioner. I'm a national expert in nature based education and therapeutic interventions and my aim is to share my knowledge and experience with teachers and others wishing to work outside the classroom. I've pioneered nature programmes within the health sector for my work with teenagers, families and young people with mental health issues, disabilities, dementia and early psychosis.  

I'm the co-author of ‘Learning with Nature’ a must-have book for Forest School & Outdoor practitioners, and ‘The Essential Guide to Forest School and Nature Pedagogy’ which contains everything you need to know from theory to practice.

I'm also the host of The Wild Minds Podcast.

When you learn from an author and outdoor practitioner with 30+ years of experience, you learn from someone who has gained wisdom through practice.

And can refer to results that back up everything they teach.

As a result, you'll know how to connect the dots of the various activities you learn.

You'll be able to grasp the concepts better.

You'll see how they plan and organise activities.

Consequently, you'll achieve tangible results from your training materials.

I'll lead you through the seasons and explain:

  • The concepts behind outdoor learning and nature connection techniques.
  • How seasonal nature-based session ideas can help you solve real-life obstacles.
  • How to increase your confidence delivering outdoor learning and nature-based practice.

This all-encompassing course teaches you everything you need to know about delivering outdoor experiences across the ages.

This Course Bundle Comes With Lifetime Access To The Following Products & Bonuses:

Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning:

Modules 1 & 2: The Spring

Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning:

Modules 3 & 4: The Summer

Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning:

Modules 5 & 6: The Autumn

Advanced Certificate in Forest School & Outdoor Learning:

Modules 7 & 8: Winter

Forest School Activities Online Training:

Module 1: Fire & Pedagogy

Forest School Activities Online Training:

Module 6: Using Tools

Forest School Routines & Boundaries

A short online course

Early Years Outdoor Learning Curriculum Resources

8 PDFs

Primary Outdoor Learning Curriculum Resources 

16 PDFs

 A Signed Copy of My Book

You'll get a signed copy of The Essential Guide to Forest School & Nature Pedagogy (UK & Europe Only)

5 Surprising Facts E-Book 
Spring Themed Session Plans

6 Spring themed sessions plans for Early Years

How to work with your place and the season

Each day and each season brings something unique to outdoor experiences. You'll learn how to build your group's kinship with nature. And how seasons reflect your practice.

You’ll learn how to develop your role as a practitioner

In addition to learning how to plan and deliver outdoor activities...

You'll learn about Nature-Centric Models and why they work. Then, you'll learn how to create a safe and healthy space for the people in your care to discover their strengths and aptitudes.

Beyond that, you'll learn how to use your knowledge to direct their learning.

Know that your course is available on all devices

The Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning training course is mobile friendly and available on all devices.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the 'Teachable' app from the Apple Store and download the videos onto your phone.

More Testimonials for The Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Lots of new things to try out

I work at Seven Lochs Wetland Park for the Conservation Volunteers. I really enjoyed doing this course following on from my Forest School training and it's been a real great bonus for giving me some extra ideas. I felt I'd got a little bit stale in what I'd been offering, doing the same things over and over again, and it's given me lots of new things to do, particularly some great new cooking ideas. I've had a go at pancakes again and various bits and pieces done a bit of birch tapping this year, so that's been great fun. I'm really looking forward to giving the 'cakes in a tin' a go. Lots of new things to try out and looking forward to the new summer activities that have just been released.

Claire BradySenior Project Officer, The Conservation Volunteers, Glasgow,

It is a fantastic resource and I highly recommend it

I'm a lecturer at the Atlantic Technological University in Donegal in the Republic of Ireland, and have been completing the Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning. It is a fantastic resource and I highly recommend it to anyone who practices in outdoor environments, and also for those who would like to lead groups in the outdoors in the future. Well done to all the team involved.

Majella McBrideLecturer, Department of Early Education and Social Studies, Atlantic Technological University, Donegal

I love that it follows the seasons

I did my level 3 training with Marina about five years ago and I've been a practising Forest School leader ever since. I was absolutely delighted to see the online Advanced Certificate in Forest School and Outdoor Learning, and I'm finding it extremely useful in both early years and with the older children. I love that it follows the seasons so everything can be immediately put into your plans and themes. I also love that because it's online, you can go backwards and forwards. So if you need to review something, you can go back and have a look. And if you need to skip something, you can, and go back at a later date to have a look. I would highly recommend the course!

Heather McHughEarly Years Educator & Forest School Leader, Ireland
money back

14 day Guarantee

Risk free

14 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course, you can contact us with an explanation and claim a full refund within 14 days.


When does the course start?

If you are paying in 8 monthly instalments, you will get access to 1 new module each month starting with 'Module 1: Early Spring'. You will also get immediate access to all the extra bonus content.

If you are paying in full, you will get access to all 8 modules and all bonus materials as soon as your purchase is complete.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course! Unlimited access to the lessons and videos for as long as you like, across all your devices.

Is my tutor qualified?

Yes, Marina Robb is an author and UK Forest School Association Endorsed Trainer and has been training Forest School Leaders since 2011. She has been working with groups in nature since 1995 and you can read more here.

Our organisation can’t pay using a credit or debit card – can we still buy the course?

Yes, we understand that many schools and other organisations can’t pay by card – contact us and we can send you an invoice to pay us by bank transfer in UK Sterling, Euros or Dollars. We can also accept cheques from UK bank accounts.

Can I access the course on my mobile?

Yes, the course can be accessed on all devices. If you have an iPhone, you can also download the free ‘Teachable’ app from the Apple Store and complete the course using the app, downloading any videos you like onto your device.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If for some reason you are not happy with the course, contact us in writing within your first 30 days for a full refund. You will need to include an explanation of why you want the refund.

Does this course qualify me to run Forest School sessions?

This course is not a qualification but is Certified by The Outdoor Teacher and based on Marina's experience and expertise in this field.
All practitioners in the UK need to follow health and safety law, which requires us to provide risk assessments and be competent to deliver activities. Teachers for example are already qualified already to take their practice outdoors but are likely to need a course like ours to get the practical skills in place.
The Level 3 Forest School training and Forest School programmes (long term) are an educational approach and the training is excellent. If you intend to offer long-term forest school programmes, then I would recommend you doing the qualification.
We have a page about Outdoor Learning Myths and a recent webinar where these issues are addressed:

How is this course different from the Level 3 Training?

It combines best practice from Outdoor Learning and the Forest School approach. This new training resource does not give you a formal qualification in Forest School Leadership.

It has been designed at the same standard and beyond as a Level 3, by Marina Robb, an endorsed Forest School Association Trainer with 30 years experience. The course aims to enable and equip people with the practical delivery of Forest School-based activities to a high competency, linking to potential learning outcomes, with all the correct health and safety and pedagogy weaved through the course.

There is no requirement to have a Forest School Qualification to take children out of doors to learn and play. As a teacher or practitioner, you are legally obliged to have risk assessments in place and insurance relevant to practice offered. 

How many hours is the course?

This is a self-paced course so you work in your own time from pre-recorded materials and videos with 2 additional live webinars. The course is organised into the seasons so designed to be worked though over the calendar year.
We estimate that it will take a minimum of 36 hours to complete the course but you will also need to factor in time to practice the activities on top of this. 

We don't have access to a woodland - can we do these activities in a playground or park?

Yes, you can. Whether you are near a woodland, park or school playground - all the activities can be adapted for different circumstances.

We have run activities using fire, tools, games, wild food, crafts, swings & ropes, shelters in school yards and playgrounds.

It does take more preparation and consideration of equipment. If you wanted to make fires, you would either designate a small green area of the playground for this purpose or use a fire bowl to lift the fire off the ground. We have also taken many groups on short walks throughout the seasons to gather some plants for many activities.

Posts can be put up to replace trees, so that children can still set up various rope bridges or constructions and with a little thinking you can easily set up a rope swing and tarpaulin shelters.

In schools we often ask parents to contribute a log for our wood pile and ask for help to bring in useful materials we may need over the year.

Can I share my course with my colleagues?

No - the license is granted for 1 user to view the contents of the course. This access must not be shared with any other person and only the named user will receive the certificate.

See next question for bulk licencing queries.

Can we purchase multiple licenses for our staff team?

Yes, please contact us for bulk purchasing discounts. We can set up the user accounts for you and send you access codes and you can pay by invoice

My school has agreed to pay for this course. What if it cannot meet your payment deadline?

If your school is buying this course on your behalf and you’re worried that your school’s administrative processes might result in you missing the enrolment deadline, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We can arrange to send an invoice to your school. As long as you request an invoice within the five day enrolment period, you will be able to enrol.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, all our courses come with a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from The Outdoor Teacher Ltd.

How can we contact you if we have a question?

Yes feel free to call or email us with any questions - our contact details are on the contact page.

Our commitment to Nature & People:

The Outdoor Teacher, alongside its sister organization Circle of Life Rediscovery CIC aim to transform health, education and family through nature.

We are whole-heartedly concerned about the safeguarding of future generations, human and non-human alike, and the growing understanding of reciprocity between humans and nature. Whilst we are advocates for all people accessing nature and its benefits, we know that this is only healthy if we prioritise the care for the natural world and address issues of equality.

The Outdoor Teacher is working towards becoming a certified B-Corp. Certified B Corps are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. We aim to be part of this community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good.

We are using Monzo Business Banking which is listed as an ethical bank: https://monzo.com/ethics.

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